Cloud World 2023

Tharseo IT’s Sessions at Cloud World   

This year we got the chance to speak at multiple sessions at Oracle Cloud World.  


We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for joining us at our recent sessions. Your active participation and engagement made the events a tremendous success, and we truly appreciate your dedication. 


It was a pleasure to have you with us, and we hope you found the sessions as informative and valuable as we intended them to be. Your presence contributed to the overall quality of the experience, and your questions and insights enriched the discussions. 


Higher Education: OCI Drives Innovation to Meet C-Suite and Strategic Goals 


After experiencing success moving ERP and student systems to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Marshall University and Butler Community College are leveraging OCI’s broad portfolio of services to transform how they meet their institutions’ strategic goals. Learn how this revolutionized their tech environment and also reshaped the C-Suite narrative—fostering goodwill among executives and stakeholders. With focuses ranging from migrating their VMware environments to wrangling disparate data sources and definitions, they rely on OCI to rapidly and securely meet their needs. These innovations empower the CIO to lead conversations beyond traditional applications and infrastructure and position them to deploy new capabilities like AI. 


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How DC Health Took COVID Data Initiatives to the Next Level 


COVID challenged the global community in unprecedented ways, and it is through our collective efforts in harnessing the power of data that we were able to devise effective strategies to combat the virus. Hear how DC Health is taking these initiatives to the next level—focusing on leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW), and Oracle Analytics to enhance collaboration between organizations, refine health data collection, create new analysis methods, and ensure consistent data privacy and security. Learn how Oracle technology helped DC Health fight the COVID virus and prepare to face future health crises as well as unlock the full potential of data-driven solutions for the betterment of our society. 


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Elevate Your ERP: Unveiling Oracle Cloud Secrets for Banner Deployment 


Dive deep with Tharseo IT! We’re not just experts, we’re your navigators in blending the world of government and higher education with Student Information and ERP system magic. Harness the power of Oracle, from Cloud to Database, and turn challenges into successes. Let’s make your project not just complete, but exceptional! 

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Tharseo IT’S Interviews 


Our CEO, Eric Wimer got asked to speak at Oracles Partner experience initiative and got to share the amazing work that Tharseo IT is doing and how it’s impacting the OCI community of users. Eric took the stage to discuss the exciting initiatives, projects, and solutions that have set Tharseo IT apart in the cloud technology landscape.  


Partner Video Testimonial