Workshop – Albany, NY

Empire State OCI:​ Building Bridges to ​Your Future

Thank you for joining us for an insightful half-day workshop on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) tailored for NY State Government. Discovered how Oracle’s powerful cloud platform could drive transformative changes, offering substantial cost savings, enhanced operational efficiency, strengthened security measures, and unparalleled scalability. With engaging sessions, practical demos, and real-world case studies, this workshop promised to empower NY State with the tools and knowledge needed to usher in a more agile, secure, and cost-effective future in partnership with Oracle and Tharseo IT.

Melissa D’Andrea – Public Sector OCI Account Executive – Oracle
Santosh Kusuma – Sr. Vice President – Fourth Square
Amit Bahadur – President & COO – Tharseo IT
Mike Tenreiro – Sr. Director, Sales and Strategic Accounts – Tharseo IT
Zach Ehrhardt – Lead Enterprise Architect – Tharseo IT
Casey Carter – Enterprise Cloud Architect – Tharseo IT