Our Unique Methodology

“Tharseo IT is not your typical vendor, they are more like a cloud innovation partner.”
Director of Enterprise Systems


Tharseo IT will embed itself in your organization and begin to understand your applications, infrastructure, resources, goals and objectives. We quickly learn about your operations and what makes you successful and what problems you want to solve with your journey to new infrastructure.

Based on findings in the discovery phase, Tharseo IT will design and plan for your unique journey to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We will lift & shift an entire end-to-end test application to quickly break down any barriers to moving to the cloud. A plan will then be created using smartsheets and agile methodology to ensure an optimal approach is used for moving to the cloud.

Design & Plan

Migrate & Improve

Our team of experts will migrate & improve your applications to an OCI test environment by executing the plan created in the previous phase. We will work side by side with your resources so that your resources are well educated in OCI and its unique offerings.

Once the migrate & improve is complete, we will turn the system over for user testing and evaluation. Upon successful testing, the entire end-to-end application a DB will be cloned as production.

Testing & validation

Go Live

A celebrated event that will include providing on-going support to ensure performance and reliability, training to ensure the core team understands the new infrastructure, and performance monitoring to ensure a lasting, high performing system.