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Tharseo IT delivers comprehensive managed services and cloud migration solutions for OCI, supporting a variety of applications such as E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and Ellucian Banner. Additionally, we offer superior managed services and post-migration support, empowering organizations to leverage cloud benefits, drive digital transformation, and improve business performance: 


  • E Business Suite (EBS): Our Team provides “lift and shift” services for E-Business Suite applications, seamlessly migrating them from on-premises environments to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Leveraging our unique approach, we guarantee a seamless transition to the cloud, enhancing E-Business Suite investments and streamlining management. Additionally, we offer managed services and post-migration support for both on-premises and cloud environments. 
  • PeopleSoft: We specialize in deploying and managing PeopleSoft solutions for industries, covering HCM, Financial Management, Campus Solutions, SCM, and CRM modules. Our certified consultants provide system integrations, customized configurations, and process enhancements, along with “lift and shift” expertise for transitioning PeopleSoft applications from on-premises to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Ellucian Banner: We offer “lift and shift” services for Ellucian Banner applications, moving them seamlessly from on-premises to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We also provide managed services for both on-premises and cloud Ellucian Banner environments, ensuring efficient system performance, backup management, disaster recovery, patching, and more.

Modernize & Innovate

MD 529 – maintain & operate Oracle Banner ERP, provide Data Conversion support for modernization, and continue to run and maintain infrastructure. 

Modernize and Innovate

DC Water – DC Water – provide HCM technical lead with modernization as a partner to AST.

Lift & Shift

Marshall U – providing lift & shift services of their entire 40+ server Banner ERP system. 

Modernize & Innovate

DHCF (DCAS) – led 42 person technical team to stand up DC’s first Health Benefits Exchange (HBX/DCAS).

Migrate & Improve

DC Health –  lift & shift legacy WIC and Immunization systems,  modernized Immunization system to STC I One, built a “DataBridge” to provide untethered access to their data and continue to run and maintain their infrastructure. 

Modernize & Innovate

STChealth – Assisted with DC Health immunization platform by providing a unique “DataBridge” solution connecting and AWS application to OCI DB platform and providing DC Health with untethered access to their SaaS data.   

Lift & Shift

Air Force SVC – providing iSupport and CLM demos for platform modernization and migration. 

Lift & Shift

Butler CC – providing lift & shift services of their entire 60+ server Banner ERP system. 

Modernize & Innovate

Intuition – provided data migration and cleansing support for MD529 modernization to the Intuition College Savings Plan platform.

Migrate and Improve

WV Tax – providing managed services to support their modernization efforts using Tyler Software’s application and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.  

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